Cleaning your aluminum doors and frames might seem like hard work for some. The deterioration of the aluminium can be attributed to contaminated moisture and regularly cleaning your aluminium frames is recommended in order for it to look new. Here, you will read step-by-step instructions on how to clean and maintain your aluminium frames.
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Water it down from top to bottom
Watering it down will ensure some of the dirt is removed, making the job somewhat easier.

Scrub the frames
Use detergent when scrubbing the frames or a product specifically made for cleaning aluminium. Follow the instructions on how to prepare it before cleaning and scrubbing because it might work for other people’s aluminium frames but it might not work with yours. Test it on small area first.

Wipe it
Just like watering down from top to bottom, you should do the same when wiping. In these step, use a damp cloth to avoid dirty water coming down to the areas of the aluminium frame you have already cleaned.

Water it down again with clean water to rinse away any dirt, detergent or cleaning agent that is left. After that, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the water.

Fine steel wool and water can do the trick. However, when it starts rusting, better call a professional to help you with the polishing.

It can be tiresome to clean your aluminium frames on windows and doors. Accumulated dirt and iron rust may result in a dirty looking home. Cleaning and maintenance is just a step for your home to look presentable and safe for your family.

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